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5 Benefits of Oatmeal Soaps

Becky De Graaf informative

Colloidal Oatmeal

Anyone who has had chicken pox, poison ivy, or a bug bite knows that the urge to scratch can often be worse than the itch itself. Colloidal oatmeal can help to alleviate the itch and its accompanying swelling as well as the desire to scratch.

Moreover, a wide range of studies have been conducted to evaluate the properties of oatmeal treatments when managing atopic dermatitis, and these studies have found that moisturizers and/or cleansers containing oatmeal significantly improved many of the clinical outcomes associated with atopic dermatitis.

Oats (Avena sativa) contain of a wide array of phytochemicals that include carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, flavonoids, avenanthramides, tocols, alkaloids, saponins, and sterols. The diverse chemical make up of oats translates into a myriad of uses for inflamed irritated skin.

Benefits of oatmeal in soap:

Improves Skin Barrier

The avenanthramides in oatmeal work as a skin protectant and protective barrier by restoring the top layer of skin (Source). By helping to heal the outer layer of skin, not only can more moisture can be retained, but also it will keep infection and irritants out.


When ground, oatmeal can gently buff the top layer of skin.

Soothes Irritated and Inflamed Skin

Avenanthramides are the principle polyphenolic antioxidants in oats, and they have been shown to alleviate inflammation and also reduce itching (Source).

Absorbs Oil

Oatmeal absorbs oil without over-drying. Oatmeal has astringent properties and helps gently draw oil out of our pores.


While we don't really have to worry about the cleaning ability of oatmeal when used in soap, nevertheless oats contain natural saponins.  Saponins are the chemical structure of soap.  Yes, that means oatmeal contains soap.

I know you must be wondering where can you get some amazing soap with oatmeal in it. I also just happen to know where you might find some. ;)

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How do you like oatmeal soaps?

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