Organic soaps from grass-fed tallow
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About Us


When I was pregnant with our first born, my midwife told me that I could birth anywhere I wanted -- even the bathtub. But first, I had to remove the toxic residue left behind from commercial cleaners. It had never occurred to me into what kind of world I would be introducing my new baby. My eyes were opened to the toxins lurking in my home, and my commercial cleaners never saw the light of day after that.

I read the ingredients of everything that lived in my home from shampoo, deodorant, and make-up, to all-purpose cleaners, dish-washing detergent, and fabric softener. On a mission to find pure soap at the store, I was disappointed to find detergents, preservatives, and "unknown" fragrance in every innocent bar. This began my quest to learn soap making, and I've been making soap since 2011.


Unlike other soaps which claim to be 100% all natural...

  • all my soaps are made from raw ingredients; I never use pre-made commercial bases.
  • all my scents come from essential oils; I never use artificial fragrances.
  • all my soaps reflect the color of the botanical/mineral ingredients used; I never use artificial colorants/lab dyes.


  • I use food grade lye, the highest grade, as opposed to tech grade lye (drain cleaner from the hardware store which contains a high percentage of heavy metals).
  • I use pure, distilled water to eliminate unwanted mineral and chemical contaminants such as fluoride and chlorine.

Going beyond the realms of nature, I also strive for stewardship. All my ingredients are organic, and thus non-GMO. I believe that not only should the waste produced (e.g. soapy water, biodegradable packaging, etc.) should not harm the environment when disposed of, but also that the harvesting of the ingredients should promote the care and well-being of the plants and animals in the first place.


It is my mission at Becky's Tallow Treasures to provide you with ethical beauty products that sustain the environment, promote stewardship, and benefit you -- all at the same time!

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