Organic soaps from grass-fed tallow
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If we met at a coffee shop and I asked you to tell me about yourself, what would you say?

I would tell you that I’m a wife, a mother, and a soap maker.

It all began when I was pregnant with our first born, and my midwife told me I could birth anywhere I wanted — even the bathtub. But first, I had to remove the toxic residue left behind from commercial cleaners. It had never occurred to me into what kind of world I lived in, and to what I would be introducing my new baby. My eyes were opened to the toxins lurking in my home, and that was not the world I wanted her to live in. My commercial cleaners never saw the light of day after that.

I read the ingredients of everything that lived in my home from shampoo, deodorant, and make-up, to all-purpose cleaners, dish-washing detergent, and fabric softener. On a mission to find pure soap at the store, I was disappointed to find detergents, preservatives, and “unknown” fragrance in every innocent bar. This began my quest to learn soap making.

I’ve been making soap since 2011. Driven by a desire to accomplish pioneer skills, I beganPioneer Wagon visiting my local Whole Foods and requesting the beef fat trimmings to render into tallow myself. Historically, tallow made the precious commodities of soaps and candles for the pioneers. I was ecstatic to be able to learn and replicate the skills of our forefathers. I didn't know then what I know now about how precious grass fed tallow truly is. Initially, it was an inexpensive way to "experiment" as I learned the ins-and-outs of soap making. I experimented with various oils and learned which ones made fabulous soap, and which ones, quite frankly, were just absolutely disgusting.  Originally, I gave friends and family extra soap to take it off my hands, but then I developed a devoted following to my soaps. Now I have friends and family who will use no other soap, but mine.  That has been the biggest encouragement of my journey.

Through the years, I have poured thousands of hours researching formulations and have established high-quality, luxury soaps.  It’s no surprise that those who try soaps from Becky's Tallow Treasures return happy with healthier skin.  Many have turned from their regular beauty routine to solely using Becky's soaps.  I think that means we’re on to something! 

A few customers have said:

“Excellent product. It’s doing a great job alleviating the redness and dryness of my 20-month old daughters eczema.”

“Wonderful smelling soap that also leaves skin soft and moisturized. The tallow definitely seemed to soak in my skin easier than other natural soap ingredients. Very satisfied customer”

“I bought this soap for my 2 year old’s baths. She has very dry skin and this has helped tremendously in just a week. The tallow leaves skin so clean and soft.”

But now that our lattes are ready, tell me about yourself.

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