Organic soaps from grass-fed tallow
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Laundry Soap in Jar for Eczema

Organic Shredded Soap -- 20 oz & 64 oz

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At Becky's Tallow Treasures, we waste nothing! Instead of throwing out all the left over scraps, these pieces become grated and re-purposed.

To Use:
*Add to bucket of water for mopping
*Add to bowl of water for hand-washing delicate or leather items
*Add to washing machine for laundry
*Add to stain on clothing as a stain remover
*Add to bath water for some suds
*Add to bath bombs for suds
*Add to sugar scrubs
*Add to facial scrubs
*Add to tooth powder or use as tooth soap
*Add water and press to make soap balls
*Many Uses!

This product will be delivered in a Ziploc bag filled to the desired weight.

Ingredients: grass fed tallow, organic coconut oil, distilled water, food grade lye, organic castor oil, organic essential oils, various herbs.


To use for laundry soap:

Depending on if you have soft or hard water, you will most likely want to use washing soda.  Washing soda. also known as sodium carbonate, will soften water, increase lather, and decrease soap scum.  Soap scum is created when the soap molecules mix with calcium and magnesium in the water.  It is best to add the desired amount of washing soda to the washer first (if possible), then add the soap scraps after.  By doing this two-step process, each person can adjust the desired amount of washing soda needed to soften each person's water and prevent soap scum.  Those on well water can have significantly higher mineral content than those on city water with a water softener.  A good starting point would be to use equal amounts of washing soda and soap each, and begin adjusting from there as you see fit.  The best part about washing with soap is how fresh the clothes smell afterward as well as minimizing our dependency on toxic chemicals. Enjoy!

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