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Kudos Farms Eclipse

Kudos Farms Eclipse

Name: Kudos Farms Eclipse

DOB: 04/27/2016
Sex: Buck
Breed: Purebred Nubian
Registration ID: N1827988

Tattoo: RE-KDS2 LE-H3

Eclipse has some excellent bloodlines running through his line, many of the names in his lineages will be well known to most fine goat breeders for their exceptional quality. He was bred for delivering capacious udders with strong attachments and strong constitutions with easy going temperaments. He delivers adorable babies! We do not show our goats so you will not see references to show wins but many of the siblings and off springs have been shown by others successfully. Contact me at or 775-476-2748.



    SS:  *B Lakeshore-Farms Tanager
S:  Kudos Farms Stetson
    SD: Lakeshore-Farms AF Salena

Kudos Farms All That Jazz Purebred Nubian Doe

   DS:  *B Goldthwaite Jewellia's Aidan
D:  Kudos Farms All That Jazz
    DD: Kudos Farms Miss Jasmine