Organic soaps from grass-fed tallow
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Build Your Own Soap -- Shampoo Soap -- Unscented to Tripple Scented

Build Your Own Soap -- Shampoo Soap -- Unscented to Tripple Scented

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How It Works

Build Your Own Soap is the perfect way to customize your soap to your liking. Each listing is for 10 bars of soap plus 1 free for a total of 11 bars of soap. Each soap weighs 4 oz and measures 2.5 in x 3.25 in x 1 in. It's $120 for zero, one, two, or three scents in your soap.

A deposit of 50% is required to get the process started. An invoice for the remaining balance will be sent to you by email. The soap will be shipped upon payment in full. Or, you can choose to pay in full so that the soap will be shipped as soon as possible.

A quick, but important note: Occasionally, the corners of the end pieces don't make it -- let's take a moment of silence (Taps plays). Never fear, you will only be charged for the soap that makes it out in good shape, but will still receive every single piece. That means if only 9 pieces are good, you will be charged $12 x 9 = $108, and you'll still get all 11 bars.

Designing Your Soap

The base of the shampoo soap, like the bath soap, is organic grass fed tallow, organic coconut oil, and organic castor oil. The shampoo soap has higher amounts of coconut and castor oils than the bath soap which makes for an incredibly bubbly bar.  It is a little more complex than the facial soap, which is only tallow.

Choose zero, one, two, or three scents. Your soap can be unscented, single-scented, double-scented, or tripple-scented. Then choose what type of liquid or additive you would like to add to the soap. The default is distilled water and no additives.

Then Name Your Soap!  This may be anything up to 22 characters long. You could name it "Monkey Farts," "Dragon's Breath," or "Dirty Hippie." I don't care -- just give it a name! Your soap will come with boxes and labelled with your chosen name. Once the soaps are cured, you can box and gift your soaps.

Last is the Notes section. This is the place where you can tell me how awesome I am. Or, in all seriousness, give me specific instructions on scent ratio (for example, 2:1:1 of lavender:lemongrass:lime). You could tell me that you want the log left whole so you can cut it yourself. Or, that you want naked bars -- no packaging. Whatever you need to tell me, you can do it in the Notes in 200 characters or less.