Organic soaps from grass-fed tallow
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Homesteader with Zinc! Facial Soap


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This tallow comes from a 100% organic, grass-fed farm. This means no crates or cages were ever used to house the animals, animals were provided an enriched environment with outdoor access, plenty of pasture to roam, as well as cared for by the same family from birth until death. This tallow has not been bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated, or altered. The beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. It creates a rich, creamy lather, good conditioning, hardness, and longevity to your soap.

Historically, this type of soap was made using the same ingredients that our previous homesteader's used! Tallow, being nearly the only fat they had, made the precious commodities of soap and candles. It makes the hardest, longest-lasting bar.

Tallow and our body oils have virtually the same ratio make up of saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, and polyunsaturated fat allowing the tallow to be readily absorbed into our skin. Being super-fatted, this soap will provide you with the most nourishing and luxurious experience for your skin.

From sunscreen to calamine lotion, zinc oxide protects and soothes the skin. Homesteader with Zinc! gives that extra level of soothing that calms the most sensitive skin.

Ingredients: organic grass-fed tallow, distilled water, food-grade lye, and zinc oxide

Each bar weighs 4oz and measures 3in x 2.5in x 1in.

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